Relax, it's New Age Music at it's finest.


Many Blessings

Craig's fourth album, "Many Blessings", is set to release late spring to mid-summer of 2016. An official release date to come.

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Hi Craig, I graduated with your siblings Todd and Terri. Your music is so beautiful. You are an amazing talent. Thank you. Alexis


Matchless topic, it is very interesting to me )))) tHANKS tEAM wish you luck in New Year!


I so enjoy your style of music. I always was a sucker for classical (my mom would play her Bach, etc) and I like your New Age music. It lets me work in peaceful sounds, relaxing and good food for the soul. Thanks for making music for my soul.

Rob Darby

Very nice site, Craig. I appreciate the very personal notes on your compositions. Thank you for sharing.

Jenean Henderson

Craig!! All the best for 2013, I love your music and admire you so much for this fantastic "hobby"......see you in January!! Jenean


Love you music...

CJ Heck

"Veterans" -- it's lovely.

David Khan

Hiya Craig I hope all is going well in your life and I thought I would just pop in and say hi and to tell you how much I adore your Family Values cd. Just had a little browse of your site and just relised I never got your other cd, so I look forward to buying that cd in the near future, once again dude, keep them beautiful tunes flowing out of you. Kindest Regards David

holly karolus

im so amazed by all your talent!!! keep up the great work, im so proud of you. cant wait to hear what uour working on next.

gitar dersleri

it gets me to play the guitar an amazing site thank everyone who contributed a very nice guitar should sound

Antony Krakhmalnik

Hello Craig, yesterday listened to some tracks from FAMILY VALUES, it's very soulful!! My great wishes from Belarus. Nice sound and it's very cheerful as I think! All the best and real God's blessings!!!

Steve Koc

Hey Craig, thanks for the video. Very apropos, '11 was a rough year. It started with mourning the passing of my mom, ended with my best friend in hospice, and in between lost my dog, cat, and goat. thanks, Steve p.s. was that Mackinaw Island with all the bicycles?


Just wanted to say 'hey', am enjoying your site and music. Peace to you. Glenn

Peter Cox

Hi Craig, nice website! Imagery fits the music. But maybe you should embed the CDBaby widget? Anyway, hereĀ“s wishing you the best from the Netherlands, Peter


your music is very nice

Diane Wilson

Hi Craig, I'm the one who responded to you on the Musician's Corner in Link Power. I enjoyed reading your bio; I identified with it in various ways. Probably about the time you were in high school band in Minnesota, I was enjoying high school band in Illinois! School music was quite prosperous in the midwest in those years!Although my high school was in Mendota, IL, my hometown was Compton, a little town of only 350. Our band was excellent; we even gave a symphony concert once a year. I also loved marching band, and I was thrilled to be a majorette in my senior year! After years of not playing my flute, I took it up again after raising my children, and have made it a career! Although getting jobs these days is tough, it's great to have fun playing music and get paid for it! Best wishes for your music to succeed, Diane

Lynn Stoner

Would love to hear your music does your band still play in Long Prairie?

Martino V.

I have just discovered your is very beautiful and I will listen to it again, for sure!! Congratulations, sincerely!

Jen Statz

I had no idea you wrote such soft, dreamy melodies. I always thought of you as a rock musician. I will definitely be using your beautiful music as a backdrop for my relaxing night yoga practice. Thanks for including such detailed background info on your site too. I'm beginning to get a clear picture of the artist that you are. See you at the family gatherings!


Way to go uncle Craig! Your music is so beautiful, and relaxing. I love this kind of music. Can't wait to hear more. Keep it up :)

Bernie Beehler

I love your music, Craig and listen to it often. It's so beautiful and relaxing.

Todd Karolus

way cool Bro! You are way talented. Do you want to put the band back together? OK. Anyway..... you should be proud. I like it alot!

Darren Ness

It's all coming together. Good luck with this, I'm sure people will enjoy your music.

Jeff Statz

Cool music its very nice to listen to.


Love the website and the music. Great full sound. It sounds mixed and mastered really well. Thanks.

Scott Niemeyer

I've always known you were talented Craig. I truly like what you've done here. Keep it up. I wish you the best of luck. I'm proud to call you "Good Friend."


Hi Craig!! Best to you! Keep writing and putting your music out there for the world to happen upon! And Merry Christmas! Rachel


Hi Craig, nice job! Hope it brings you many more dreams ;-)