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Many Blessings

Craig's fourth album, "Many Blessings", is set to release late spring to mid-summer of 2016. An official release date to come.

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Sounds From The Circle VI - Released

Congrats to all the SFTC VI featured artists, chosen for their music's quality, uniqueness and positive messages! Including: Steven Halpern, Michael Diamond Lia Scallon - Sounds of Sirius, Laura Sullivan, Ricky Kej, Ann Licater Music, Fiona Joy, Michael Hoppe Harold Moses, Glenn Treibitz, Merrill Collins, Michael Fitzpatrick, Craig Karolus, Pamela Jamian, Cosmo Frequency, Bryan Carrigan, Sherry Finzer Darin Mahoney, Margie Balter, Peter Sterling, Vibeke Sonora, Danny Wright, Sensitive Heart, el’Aima, Jane Winther, Louis Colaiannia, RAVEN WOLF, Jeff Bova, Carole J. Hyder, Jerry Rockwell, Hennie Bekker, John Luttrell, Beloved Heartsong, Jennifer DeFrayne - Palo Isle Music, Tron Syversen, Heidi Breyer, AOMusic and Richard Gannaway Miriam Stockley Jay Oliver, Anaya Music, Natascha Wilczek, Suzanne Doucet, Christaal, Cristian Paduano, Mala Ganguly & David Vito Gregoli, Wouter Kellerman and Arun Shenoy.

Broadcasters & reviewers, please message me directly for review and airplay copies!!! We'll also be distributing copies at the ZMR Annual Awards on May 17th if you'd like to pick one up there

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